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At KMS the focus is on YOU.


Every client's story and symptoms are unique. Our personalized plans ensure that you have the best treatment available during and after your rehabilitation process. This personalized program also means that we become very close and invested in our client's care
and remain close even after the rehabilitation is complete.  

"I learned a lot from Kristina, always felt comfortable and enjoyed her company."
"I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate the way you take on the responsibilities of your profession. Your personal warmth speaks the highest order of healer. You are responsive coupled with being an excellent listener."
"Kristina was a bright light at a very dark time in my life. Her dedication, compassion and amazing skill set gave me the courage to work through the pain to find success on the other side. She is patient with a kind spirit, an infectious laugh and an unparalleled devotion to her clients."
"Kristina is a true asset to her profession. When I felt lost and alone and in need of help, Kristina was there to shed light on my vestibular condition and offer the support I needed to move forward. She explained things in a way that made sense and that could be applied to what I was experiencing. Kristina provided practical exercises that helped build my confidence and gave me the skills necessary to regain my independence. Kristina is an expert in the field of balance and dizziness and truly a compassionate, one of a kind individual. I am so thankful I found her when I did."